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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

First things first, I have to give a huge thank you to Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Author, Jerré Jakée for inviting me to be a part of such a huge, inspirational and uplifting event. Mom. Boss. Slay! is a networking empowerment mixer for mother's in business and entrepreneurship, and this past Saturday over 50 women joined together to not only promote their businesses but also encourage one another to keep pushing when times become overwhelming when balancing "work life" and "mom life".

Speaking on the panel at Mom. Boss. Slay! was not just an opportunity I took to get more exposure, but an opportunity I saw to actually give back and help other women that may be going through the same struggles I faced. Being able to inspire and motivate these women through my life experiences really gave me a sense completeness in my life. I always say, "There's no point in having all this knowledge or advice if I don't share it."

It was a honor to sit on a panel with other successful, hard working mothers like myself. The transparency and knowledge they shared not only helped all the women attended, but also gave me some tips on things I still struggle with daily. I truly valued being able to collaborate with such an encouraging group of females.


  • Jerré Jakée -- Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Author, Host and Creator of Mom. Boss. Slay!

  • Myself - LivingwithLC

  • Natasha Nicole --Licensed Stylist/Instructor. Owner of Hush Collectionz, Co-Host of Private Party Podcast, and the lady behind HairCutz 4 Homeless.

  • Chantale B. -- Owner of Eve Lawrence Boutique. BOOM 103.9 30 under 30.

  • Kia Denise-- Blogger / Personal shopper for FROM MY STYLE 2 URS. Owner of Cooking with Kia.

  • Latrice Mason-- Clinical Director of DA Facility. Founder of Lift Love Lend.

The entire event consisted of networking with other "Mompreneurs" over delicious food while building lasting connections. There was also an informative Q&A segment that covered successful time management strategies, mommy hacks and my favorite question of them all, embracing being a late bloomer. As a late bloomer myself, I always tell other mommies, it's NEVER too late to live your dreams and walk your path. You too CAN be an amazing wife, a loving mother and a successful entrepreneur all at the same time. You just have to believe it.

I really enjoyed myself at Mom. Boss. Slay! and honestly I can't wait until the next one in Atlanta, Georgia this September. Please believe I will be in attendance to this amazing event. Make sure to follow Mom. Boss. Slay! on instagram to stay updated on all upcoming events. Trust me, you don't want to miss the next one. (Facebook group coming soon)

Host: Jerré Jakée

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