About LC...

For the longest I struggled with finding my happiness.  I always knew I wanted a career that I actually enjoyed and made me happy, but I couldn’t pin point on what that career was.  It wasn’t until recently when I figured out that helping others made me happy.  For years, I’ve always looked out for those close to me.  If my friends needed makeup advice I was there.  If they wanted to know how to save money using coupons, I was in the store shopping with them.  Shoot, I was even proof reading their text messages before sending it to their boyfriend.  Whatever they needed, I was right there.  And knowing that I was there to help them made my heart smile. 

I’ve had a lot of challenging events over the years, from breakups to marriage, battling depression, to struggling financially, to raising 2 beautiful little girls.  I love sharing with others how I faced obstacles and overcame them.  If sharing my journey and insight will help someone then I will talk/write all day long.  I can finally say I found my purpose and enjoy doing what I do.  I am one step closer to happiness. 

I’m a wife of a realtor and personal trainer, the mother of 2 beautiful girls, Brooklynn (4); Aliyah (10 months) and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated (Yes I have a mean hair flip). I’ve spent the 30 years of my life living in South Jersey, where we don’t pump our own gas and we love to relax at the shore. I am a beauty enthusiast, a coupon queen, and a relationship counselor (to all of my friends that is). 

Who is LC...

After years of working in Corporate America, with a Bachelors degree in Accounting, I started to feel empty and that the position I held had no meaning.  Everyday I woke up dreading to go to work.  I felt that I was wasting my talents and that I had a purpose in life and it wasn’t working in a cubicle from 9-5 crunching numbers. It was the summer of 2017 when I decided to put my plan in motion.  I told myself I would no longer be afraid to pursue my dream.  With the motivation from my husband, sister and college roommate, I decided to start a blog to provide realness in a sweet and encouraging way to millennial women around the world.  I love helping others, so I figured what better way to reach others then by starting a blog.  

So why blogging...

While “Living with LC”, I hope you will become inspired to endeavor in new things.  This blog is dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between your fears and confidence and get you on the track to reach your happiness.

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